Intellectual Property

Offit Kurman's Intellectual Property (IP) Group helps dynamic businesses and individuals to develop and protect their IP assets. We can help you through all stages of your IP matters - from concept through development, registration, licensing, marketing, renewals, enforcement and sales. Our comprehensive and strategic approach to IP protection is designed to maximize the value of your IP assets and minimize the related risks.

Our IP team can help you to protect your names, logos, inventions, lists, works and other intangible property - which you likely value as being among your most highly prized assets. We represent individuals, private businesses and public companies to develop IP protection plans of varying complexity which meet the specific needs of each client.

Emerging technologies and intellectual property move at a lightning-fast pace in today's global marketplace. Protecting your IP is as crucial as ever, and is often an indicator of the value of your company’s potential. Our clients turn to us early and often for counsel regarding how to build, expand and profit from their IP portfolios.

Trademarks & Copyrights

  • Brand Development, Protection and Enforcement (i.e., trademark and domain name selection counseling, portfolio management services, trademark registration, monitoring, and renewal services)
  • Copyright Registration and Fair Use Determinations
  • Transactional Support Services (i.e., licensing, due diligence for commercial transactions and security interest agreements)
  • IP Governance Services (i.e., trademark and copyright usage policies and guidelines, affiliate agreements, joint marketing and reseller agreements, private label agreements, privacy policies and website terms of use)
  • Trademark Clearinghouse Registration Services


  • Preparing and Filing Patent Applications in Wide Array of Technological Fields Before the USPTO and Worldwide
  • Patent Portfolio Development
  • Offensive and Defensive Reexaminations Before the USPTO
  • Opinions for Freedom-to-Operate Patentability, Infringement and Invalidity
  • Patent Licensing and Agreements
  • Due Diligence, Competitor Watch Services and Counseling

Privacy & Trade Secrets

  • Development, Enforcement and Interpretation of Trade Secret Policies and Procedures
  • Data Rights Markings for Government Contractors
  • CAN-SPAM, PCI and GLB issues
  • Domain-Name Arbitration and Other Internet Disputes

Litigation & Disputes

  • Litigation and Disputes Relating to Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
  • Patent Reexaminations
  • Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings
  • Cybersquatting and Typo-Squatting Claims
  • Domain-Name Arbitration and Other Internet Disputes

How We Do It


We will conduct a comprehensive review of your intellectual property assets and help you determine the appropriate course of action for protecting each such asset.

  • IP Audits To Classify Assets and Determine Best Form of Protection
  • Branding Counsel and Opinions
  • Fair Use Determinations
  • Invention Disclosures; Review of Prior Art and Public Disclosures; Opinions for Freedom to Operate, Patentability, Infringement and Invalidity
  • Transactional Due Diligence
  • Chain of Title Studies
  • Assessment of Data Rights and Markings





Gregory Grissett

Principal and Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice Group

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Celebrating Ben Franklin

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | January 16, 2020

Ben Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 – 313 years ago! To celebrate the birthday and life of a man who was both a well-loved Founding Father and one of our country’s greatest inventors, test your knowledge of these innovations and published works from Ben Franklin:

Friday Factoid Quiz: Consumer Electronics Brands

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | January 9, 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the nation’s largest annual convention, provides an early look at the latest technological advancements for the electronic products we love to purchase and use. Last year’s CES attracted more than 175,000 attendees. The 2020 show – the 53rd CES – is being held in Las Vegas from January 7-10. To mark the occasion, test your knowledge of trademarks for these leading brands from the world of consumer electronics:

Friday Factoid Quiz: Blue Logos

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | January 2, 2020

Pantone, which maintains the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM of colors used by many companies in the graphic design, fashion design, product design, manufacturing and printing industries, named its Classic Blue (color 19-4052) as the color of the year for 2020, which is identified as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection.” Color claims are often used as part of a registered mark and can add value to the strength of a proprietary brand. To celebrate 2020’s Color of the Year, test your knowledge of these famous blue brands:

Friday Factoid Quiz: 2019-2020 – The Eyes Have It

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | December 26, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! While 2020 represents the new year, it is also associated with perfect vision. To mark the occasion, test your knowledge of these intellectual property-themed items relating to eyes and vision:

Friday Factoid Quiz: Seinfeld

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | December 19, 2019

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the series premiere for Seinfeld, the NBC sitcom created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Several popular terms and catchphrases made famous by the show (such as No Soup for You, Yada Yada Yada and Low Talker) are still widely recognized more than 20 years after the end of the series. To honor the intellectual property created by this 1990s hit comedy show, test yourself with this Seinfeld trivia:

Friday Factoid Quiz: Top Inventions of 2019

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | December 12, 2019

Each year, companies introduce transformative products that make our lives more enjoyable and easier. These innovative products are built upon the inspiration and perspiration of world-class inventors. They are likely to be the subject of patent and trademark applications and plans for the development and sale of these products are likely guarded as trade secrets. Test your knowledge of these leading inventions from 2019 – which were recognized on this year’s “Best Inventions” list from Time magazine:

Friday Factoid Quiz: Popular Brands That Are Often Misused

By Jon Wachs, Esq. | December 5, 2019

The USPTO can cancel the registration of a mark that becomes the generic word for an entire category of products instead of a proprietary word to identify the offerings of a specific company. Terms such as cellophane, escalator, laundromat, thermos, and trampoline used to be proprietary marks but are now treated as generic words. Companies sometimes use the word BRAND and a generic product description after their marks (i.e., KLEENEX® brand facial tissues) so their marks are not treated as generic. Test your knowledge of these popular brands, which are sometimes used to reference a general category of products but are still registered with the USPTO:

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