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As a full-service law firm, Offit Kurman is proud to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of legal capabilities. As a result of unique state laws and regional characteristics, however, some of our offices offer additional benefits to clients.

This is why we've established a presence in Wilmington, Delaware. Why Wilmington? Because it is the city countless U.S. companies choose to incorporate in, due to the state’s exceptionally business-friendly legal environment and Court of Chancery. If you face a corporate legal challenge, and your organization is incorporated in Delaware, our attorneys are ready to provide experienced local counsel and representation. Consider Offit Kurman’s team in Wilmington your attorneys on the ground in Delaware.

Learn more about what Offit Kurman's attorneys in Wilmington can do for you:

IP Litigation

Delaware’s federal district court is one of the leading venues in the U.S. for intellectual property litigation. In light of the outcome of a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, the number of patent infringement cases filed in Delaware—as the state of incorporation of Defendants—stands to only increase. Whether enforcing patents or defending against claims of infringement, our firm's patent litigation group are the ideal team to handle these cases.

Corporate Litigation

Delaware’s Chancery Court is the premier venue for business disputes by or against Delaware business entities.  In addition to its substantial institutional expertise, Chancery Court understands the needs and concerns of businesses dealing with disputes, and has the ability to act very quickly when needed.  We can provide the substantive experience in corporate issues, and help navigate its arcane procedures to expedite and optimize the litigation process.


Offit Kurman has developed a strong Bankruptcy Practice capable of handling claims filed anywhere, including Delaware. Our team has the experience and capacity to service the corporate needs of both struggling companies in need of financial reorganization and business and individual clients facing the concerns of customers or vendors filing a bankruptcy when money is outstanding. We understand the need to keep professional fee rates at a modest level to better serve our client’s best interests.


Delaware allows out-of-state attorneys to co-counsel—in other words, to collaborate with local practitioners on a case. Clients filing in Delaware can thereby leverage the experience of the more than 140 attorneys active in Offit Kurman’s numerous practice groups. From government contracting to construction law—to mergers and acquisitions, real estate, privacy and data protection, and many more legal service areas—our team can assist with virtually any legal matter. When clients use Offit Kurman for in Delaware litigation, there is no reason to need to hire a second law firm.

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