The Family Business Roundtable of the Greater Baltimore Area Monthly Meetings


The Family Business Roundtable (FBR) of the Greater Baltimore Area is a peer support and advisory group for leaders of multigenerational family-owned and operated businesses. Started in 2009, the FBR was founded based upon two observations: Family businesses are unique By virtually every measure, family businesses are the most successful of businesses; however, they also have challenges beyond those of non-family entities. What makes family businesses great makes them the most challenging. In a family business, it’s not just about growing a successful business. It’s also about keeping a family intact and leaving a legacy. Learning from  peers can have a dramatic  impact  on  the  business Research shows that leaders learn best from their peers. When applied to business owners in regularly occurring roundtable settings, the sharing of experiences and support that peer groups afford offer solutions to current  problems, ideas for future growth, and support that such leaders are indeed “not alone.” The FBR is a forum for leaders of multi-generational family-owned and operated businesses to meet on a regular basis and, in a relaxed and confidential setting, exchange ideas and information and learn from each other — secure in the knowledge that other members  understand  their  unique  challenges  and  will  offer  unbiased  and  practical insights and information based on common experience. Who Can Join:

  • Family member in top tier position of responsibility in a family-owned business of at least two generations.
  • At least two family members are active in the business.
  • The organization must be run by a first or second generation family member and have been in business at least 10 years.

How  to  Join: For more information about the Family Business Roundtable or to apply for membership, contact Michael N. Mercurio, Esq. of Offit Kurman at 301.575.0332 or Meetings: The Family Business Roundtable of the Greater Baltimore Area meets the second Tuesday of each month from 9-10:30 AM. The meetings are held at Offit Kurman – 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 200, Maple Lawn, MD 20759