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Every business has a story, and every business story is unique. For years, Offit Kurman has provided founders and executives with an opportunity to tell their stories through our popular video interview series, CEO Minutes.

Now, we're bringing these entrepreneurial conversations into a new format: podcasts.

Hear surprising, candid, unforgettable stories of founding and growth from the people who experienced the journeys themselves. Offit Kurman Podcast guests will include local business owners, founders, and decision-makers. We'll talk about the lessons these CEOs have learned, the challenges they've conquered over the course of their entrepreneurial journeys, and what lies ahead in their organizations’ futures.

The Fair Housing Podcast:
Offit Kurman’s new podcast, The Fair Housing Podcast Questions and Answers, will cover the complex issues and questions involved in issues related to fair housing. For residents, housing free from unlawful discrimination is a right; for landlords, it’s the law. Join attorneys John Raftery and Revée Walters as they answer questions geared to keep landlords and property managers informed on fair housing matters.


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