Moving Your Company Forward by Going Back to Basics

Management trends come and go and companies today will always need to look at new potential technologies and opportunities for growth. However, in my business and law career I have found that by focusing on the time-tested methods of communication and culture building, you will be able to push organic progress.

Communication, communication, communication (The only three things you need to know about HR management)

  • Ultimately, everything can be broken down to one concept…communication; and face-to-face is the best
  • Be a leader, not a salesman — lead by example
  • Engage employees by walking around — you will be surprised at what you hear
  • Decide what communication strategy is right for the situation
  • Establish avenues for feedback

Live your culture each day

  • Embrace good ethical practices
  • Demonstrate desired behavior through examples you set
  • Calendar tasks and actions that will support the mission, vision, and values of your company
  • Get your employees excited about the job they are performing by showing them how their daily tasks contribute to the overall mission of the company

If you have policies, but don’t walk the talk, what you say is going to be meaningless.