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Do I Need a Pre-Nup?

Do I Need a Pre-Nup?Yours/Mine/Ours. These  words have one meaning when one is getting married and can take on  a whole other meaning  when a couple is parting ways. Prenuptual agreements make sense in the same way that insurance policies make sense. Life is uncertain, but we can put strategies in place to make an uncertain future more predictable.

If you plan to get married without a legally binding document which addresses the economic consequences of ending the marriage, you do have a pre-nup of sorts, that is the divorce laws of your particular state,” explains Offit Kurman estate planning attorney Steven Shane.

Do I Need a Pre-Nup?

If you are not comfortable with the divorce laws in your state, it is highly recommended that you take more proactive measures by contacting an attorney and having him/her draft a pre-nup. A pre-nup is especially important if…

  1. This is not your first marriage.
  2. Your partner has heavy debts.
  3. You and your partner have vastly disparate incomes.
  4. One or both parties own a business or have a large stake in a business.
  5. Your assets are disproportionately greater than your partner’s.
  6. You have very different estate planning goals.

Do I Need a Pre-NupIf you have any questions about Estate Planning or Pre-Nup Agreements, please contact Steven Shane at 301.575.0313 or Mr. Shane offers legal guidance to clients on protection and the proper disposition of assets in accordance with the client’s objectives.

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