Offit Kurman⁠—The Better Way

Offit Kurman is one of the fastest-growing full-service law firms in the United States. With offices in seven states and the District of Columbia, Offit Kurman is well-positioned to meet the legal needs of dynamic businesses and the individuals who own and operate them. For over 30 years, we’ve represented privately held companies and families of wealth throughout their business life cycles.

In the past two years, we’ve grown by 50% through expansions in New York City and, most recently, Charlotte, North Carolina. This growth has provided immense value to our clients and attorneys.

Wherever your industry, Offit Kurman is the better way to protect your business, preserve your family’s wealth and resolve your most challenging legal conflicts. At Offit Kurman, we distinguish ourselves by our quality and breadth of legal services—as well as our unique operational structure, which encourages a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurialism. The same approach that makes our firm attractive to legal practitioners also gives clients access to experienced counsel in every area of the law.


Our Commitment to Women Attorneys and Professional Staff is Everyone’s Gain

What We Do

Offit Kurman provides clients with a comprehensive array of legal services that cover virtually every area and aspect of law. We are able to offer flexible rates consistent with⁠—and often below⁠—those of firms that handle comparable legal matters. This is because we are dedicated to offering clients the legal services they need in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible.

Offit Kurman serves a broad array of clients ranging from individuals and small, private corporations to multinational, public companies⁠—both foreign and domestic. Our clients are primarily privately-held, middle-market businesses and their owners as well as nonprofit organizations and families of wealth. We also act as specialty counsel to institutional clients. A significant number of our clients operate internationally.

How We Do It

Our clients consider their attorneys as their trusted advisors for business growth, asset protection and sensitive family law matters. We take our roles as advisors seriously: our attorneys make an effort to have an integral role in their clients’ businesses, offering proactive guidance the way an internal member of their team would. As an entrepreneurial-minded firm, we continually strive to find mutually beneficial opportunities and grow alongside our clients throughout their business life cycles from start to finish.


Our firm is active in key markets throughout the U.S. and assists clients in a myriad of markets and industries. Key verticals for our firm include the government contracting space, information technology, health care, construction and real estate and nonprofit entities. Additionally, we have developed Practice Groups centered on issues unique to family businesses and emerging business areas and industries such as cannabis and cybersecurity.

Who We Are

Brothers Maurice and Ted Offit, along with childhood friend Howard Kurman, started Offit Kurman as a boutique law firm in 1987. By 2001, the modest Owings Mills, Maryland-based firm began rapidly growing through affiliations with other small practices. It was at this time that Offit Kurman’s unique compensation system was put in place: the founders believe in rewarding people for the profit and productivity they bring to the firm, not their seniority.

It was also around this time that the Offit Kurman team realized they could grow at a sustainable pace through lateral acquisitions in strategic markets. To manage its growth, the firm brought on its first non-legal employees. Together, with the founders and several Practice Group leaders within Offit Kurman, these professionals soon formed a management committee and set an ambitious goal for the firm: to grow to 100 attorneys by 2010.

Offit Kurman’s attorney team continues to grow with more than 225 lawyers in 14 offices in seven states from New York to North Carolina and the District of Columbia.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our attorneys are a diverse group of renowned litigators, sought-after speakers and widely-circulated writers. Many of the members of our team have been involved in headline-making disputes and multimillion-dollar business transactions. Others have earned top ratings from their peers and clients, and have achieved distinction in lists such as Super Lawyers and the Best Lawyers in America.

In addition to their work at the firm, Offit Kurman’s attorneys spend their time giving back and mentoring other legal professionals. Many of our attorneys serve on boards of local charitable organizations, occupy leadership positions in regional and national associations, or offer pro bono services to underserved members of their communities.

Offit Kurman strives to employ attorneys and support staff to enhance our overall quality of legal services. Thus, we formed the Diversity Committee to identify, recruit and retain successful staff members of diverse races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, disabilities and military service backgrounds.

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