Landlord Representation

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, clients seek real-world, practical solutions-oriented counsel geared towards ensuring seamless operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The International Law Group at Offit Kurman is a multidisciplinary group of attorneys experienced in providing sound legal advice, designed to build and safeguard our clients’ international businesses and investments. Our attorneys advise our clients on issues—ranging from corporate formation, commercial transactions, compliance matters, immigration, to pursuing and defending claims in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution—with a solution-based approach tailored to our clients’ needs. Offit Kurman attorneys’ familiarity with both the cultural and legal barriers that may arise for foreign investors, coupled with our global network of foreign law firms and other non-legal business consultants, is designed to provide creative solutions to implement clients’ objectives.

Protecting Your Investment

When property owners find themselves in a position where the return on investment (ROI) is threatened, Offit Kurman offers the experience and expertise to ensure that the client's opportunity for financial return is secure. The Landlord Representation Group processes thousands of cases every month for residential and commercial ‘failure to pay rent’ suits; filing electronically where authorized, and making nearly daily court appearances to expedite our clients’ ability to collect overdue rent. The real estate lawyers at Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law also file breach of lease and hold-over cases, and prepare the required notices (bilingual when required) before the suit for possession is filed. Finally, the landlord representation attorneys at Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law see it through to the actual eviction of the tenant and assist in collection of amounts due from dispossessed tenants.  We provide a complete and cost-effective approach and strategy from beginning to end.

What We Do

Our services include:

  • Training of your team on compliance with the federal and state fair housing act.
  • Thorough understanding of tax credit and subsidized housing, review of approval documents and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Preparing eviction notices to ensure compliance with local laws/regulations/low income programs.
  • Prevention and defense of mold and bed bug claims.
  • Sophisticated client software integration ensuring current information exchange on all eviction cases.
  • Complaints for possession, wrongful detainers and other eviction proceedings.
  • Assistance with enforcement of lease terms and conditions, including issues of occupancy, maintenance and tax credit/HCV compliance.
  • Review and drafting of leases, addenda and rental applications to ensure compliance with all state and local laws and to incorporate all required provisions.
  • Cost effective defense of claims brought by tenants/former tenants and trespassers.
  • Negotiating/drafting of management agreements, leases and tenant work-out agreements.
  • Policy and procedure drafting for commercial and residential fair housing act and local discrimination law compliance and litigation. Review of a landlord’s “Failure-to-Pay” or “Pay-or-Quit” notices to ensure compliance with requirements for appropriate notice and service of same.
  • Timely notifications on updates and changes in law and procedure.

Who We Do It For

An Experienced Ally

With decades of experience in landlord representation matters, the Offit Kurman  Landlord Representation group focuses on representation of landlords and property managers of residential and commercial real estate.  We deliver creative, expedient and cost-conscious solutions to difficult problems, all while focusing on our clients' goals.


William P. Cannon, III

Principal and Chair of the Landlord Representation Practice Group

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Linda S. Ostovitz, Principal

Principal and Practice Group Director

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