Fair Housing

Fair housing is the right to choose housing free from unlawful discrimination.  As a Landlord, or property manager, this means you must treat people equally and make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.  Federal Fair Housing laws protect people from discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex/gender, religion, handicap/disability and family status.  In addition, different districts have supplementary protected classes.  It is important to know the four fair housing fundamentals.  Discrimination can be subtle.  You might not even be aware of your actions.  The Landlord Representation Group attorneys at Offit Kurman can help you navigate through all Fair Housing laws.


  1. Training for owners and property managers on Fair Housing Act (FHA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and state and local fair housing and public accommodation laws.
  2. Training for owners, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, and other design professionals on the accessibility requirements FHA, 504, ADA, and state and local fair housing and public accommodation laws.

Fair Housing Complaint Defense

Representation of landlords in discrimination suits brought before administrative agencies and state and federal court. 

General Counsel

  1. Assistance with reviewing/responding to reasonable accommodations and modifications;
  2. Consulting and program implementation services to housing providers that are seeking to develop or implement fair housing programs. 


  1. Draft policies and procedures to protect housing providers from discrimination claim;
  2. Accessibility design and construction compliance under FHA, 504, and ADA;
  3. Regulatory compliance for properties receiving federal funds from Federal and State agencies. 

Internal Audits/ Investigations

  1. Independent investigation of complaints of unlawful housing discrimination;
  2. Monitor and examine advertising and housing rental/sales practices to measure levels of legal compliance and address problems.

Expert Witness/Litigation Review Consultant

We work with individuals, developers, owners, property management companies, nonprofit associations, real estate agents, architects, engineers, and attorneys to provide litigation and expert witness services for all housing related discrimination claims, including FHA, 504,  ADA as well as state and local law related litigation. Our services include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing case files and investigatory submissions including correspondence, leasing data, application and credit/criminal screening records, and related documents;
  • Reviewing and analyzing accommodation requests (including service and ESA animals);
  • Preparing detailed case summaries and reports;
  • Advice and consultation on settlement offers and proposals, attending pre-trial conferences, depositions, and hearings/trials; and
  • Providing trial testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense Positions.

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