Construction Law

Our Construction Law Practice Group attorneys have been serving a wide range of clients across the Mid-Atlantic region for decades.  With the vast array of experience and subject matter expertise in our construction team, Offit Kurman is equipped to advise construction industry businesses and professionals at all levels.  Counted among our clients are contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, interior designers, visual artists, owners, developers, sureties, and insurance companies.

General Counsel

Our construction counsel effectively integrates into our client’s operations and routinely provides general counsel services that include business and project consulting, risk management advice, transactional work, and early dispute resolution.

Administrative Compliance

As part of their day-to-day with construction clients, our lawyers regularly counsel clients on construction related labor and employment matters, prevailing wage questions, licensing, and corporate compliance issues.

Corporate Transactional Work

Our lawyers are experienced in helping with the formation of various corporate entities, guiding clients in the restructuring, merger, or sale of their businesses, and the protection of their intellectual property.

Administrative Law Courts

Our lawyers have handled matters ranging from charges of unfair labor practices to handling claims before the relevant Board of Claims.

Government Agencies

Our lawyers have handled matters ranging from OSHA citations to bid protests.

How We Do It

Offit Kurman has a highly experienced construction litigation practice – whether the dispute is being pursued in court, arbitration, or mediation.

Our lawyers have represented clients in disputes across the United States on a multitude of construction issues.  Included in the work our lawyers have done is:
  • breach of contract claims,
  • mechanic’s liens,
  • bond claims,
  • payment and change order disputes,
  • delay and defect cases.

Our lawyers are also versed in actions before administrative law courts and governmental agencies; and that experience ranges from charges of unfair labor practices and OSHA citations to bid protests and claims before the relevant Boards of Claim.

It is the aforementioned depth of knowledge that makes Offit Kurman’s construction team a recognized thought leader in the construction industry.  Many of our construction lawyers have served as mediators and arbitrators in a multitude of construction and other commercial disputes.  The firm’s construction lawyers also have extensive experience working with experts in various areas of construction law, both as consultants and as expert witnesses.  Our Construction Law Practice Group attorneys are routinely asked to conduct seminars, teach and publish articles on construction related topics, and participate in trade associations because of their connection to and recognized work in the industry.

Offit Kurman’s construction lawyers have represented players at all levels of the construction market, giving them a broad perspective and uniquely qualifying them to represent companies and individuals in the construction industry.  Our team is focused on results and thrives on problem-solving; and our experience helps us find creative solutions to address problems quickly and efficiently.  To learn more about how Offit Kurman’s Construction Law Practice Group can advise you and your company, please click the link below.

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