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Java with Jim is not just about having coffee.  If you have a business or interesting entrepreneurial story that you would like promoted, schedule a Java with Jim for an informal video interview at your favorite coffee house.

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Four Major Business Development Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

By Jim Ries | July 30, 2020

Business development is not rocket science, but it is easy to make some mistakes. Over the years, I have seen…

The ABCs of Business Development and Marketing

By Jim Ries | January 24, 2020

Digital marketing – two words that have marketing teams across the globe scrambling to create social media accounts, disseminate more…

What’s the Difference Between Business Development and Marketing?

By Jim Ries | December 22, 2019

That question has followed me throughout my career. I’ve heard it from people of all backgrounds and at all levels…

Social Media for the Busy Professional

By Jim Ries | November 17, 2019

As published in GGI BDM News, Autumn 2019 Globally, 28% of the average online user’s time is spent on social…

What’s Your Brand?

By Jim Ries | September 11, 2019

As Published on i95 Business Internationally successful brands like Apple, Oprah and Disney are authentic and consistent. They are not…

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