Intellectual Property

Offit Kurman's Intellectual Property (IP) Group helps dynamic businesses and individuals to develop and protect their IP assets. We can help you through all stages of your IP matters - from concept through development, registration, licensing, marketing, renewals, enforcement and sales. Our comprehensive and strategic approach to IP protection is designed to maximize the value of your IP assets and minimize the related risks.

Our IP team can help you to protect your names, logos, inventions, lists, works and other intangible property - which you likely value as being among your most highly prized assets. We represent individuals, private businesses and public companies to develop IP protection plans of varying complexity which meet the specific needs of each client.

Emerging technologies and intellectual property move at a lightning-fast pace in today's global marketplace. Protecting your IP is as crucial as ever, and is often an indicator of the value of your company’s potential. Our clients turn to us early and often for counsel regarding how to build, expand and profit from their IP portfolios.

What We Do


We help you to protect your brands, logos, taglines, designs and works of authorship.


We help you to protect your inventions, and prevent others from commercially exploiting the same.


We develop and review agreements and policies to protect trade secrets and privacy rights.


We help solve, through agreements and otherwise, disputes related to various intellectual property rights.

How We Do It


We will conduct a comprehensive review of your intellectual property assets and help you determine the appropriate course of action for protecting each such asset.


We will negotiate and prepare licenses and transfer agreements to help you derive value from the intangible assets you worked so hard to develop.


We will prepare and file patent, trademark and copyright applications and create agreements and policies to further protect your IP assets.



We can monitor the market and we will negotiate, arbitrate, mediate and/or litigate with others as needed to enforce your legal rights.

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