Todd Marks, Founder and CEO of Mindgrub

Climbing Mt. Everest

Todd Marks is the CEO of Mindgrub Technologies and Mindgrub Robotics. Headquartered in Baltimore, Mindgrub is a pioneering technological innovation company that develops software applications, digital products, and marketing solutions—many of which leverage emerging tech, such as VR and AR, wearable devices, and mobile gaming. The company has worked for a number of prominent organizations and Fortune 500 companies, including NASA, Underarmour, The Smithsonian Institute, AOL, Wendy's, Dell, Sylvan Learning, and The Economist. Todd recently joined a group of Baltimore business owners on an Everest Base Camp trek, climbing to an altitude of over 17,500 feet. In this CEO Minutes interview, he describes what motivated him to take the trip to Everest, and how the journey has influenced his ongoing mission to push past his personal and professional limits.



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