A Video Conversation with Rob Meagher, Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and President of CBE Press- On The Future

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Rob Meagher is the founder, editor-in-chief, and president of CBE Press. Headquartered in Virginia, CBE Press is a business media company that serves members of the cannabis industry throughout the United States with the latest news, opinion, information, and resources. The company’s website, cannabisbusinessexecutive.com, as well as its CBE Week and CBE Policy & Legal weekly e-newsletters, are read by numerous executives, business owners, and partners at cannabis production facilities, processors, and retailers.


OFFIT KURMAN: What’s next for CBE? What do you anticipate for the future of the industry as a whole?


ROB MEAGHER: You know, what’s funny about this is I never got into it to make money. I got into this because I wanted to do something that was real, that I was passionate about, and that I hadn’t done my entire life. But the goal wasn’t to make money—it was to literally not work for another schmuck for the rest of my life, and to work with people that I wanted to work with. The industry is loaded, just loaded with talented people. From one state to the next, from a small player to a large player, I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people—good people that share similar values, that work really hard but when they go home, they don’t take themselves that seriously. But it’s also then helped me become part of this team. And our goal, and I didn’t really mention this but, I’ve been a jock my entire life. I actually feel like a part of a community, and it’s community that is all pulling together to legalize this plan. And my picture and my thoughts about this plan have changed as I’ve been involved in dealing with these people and writing their stories.


There’s a real passion and a clarity on what needs to happen to legalize marijuana so that it’s something that is accessible to all consumers, 18-plus, 21-plus—whatever the law dictates—but the reality is all consumers, so that they can use it for their own medical purposes, or from an adult use or recreational purpose as a substitute for alcoholic beverages; to be used as a painkiller in lieu of opiates. All of these issues and all these things aren’t going to happen unless prohibition ends. I’m now part of this team, and CBE has a pulpit. And so we try to, as I’ve said before, chronicle what’s happening to self-regulate and to build a legitimate and responsible business that delivers returns for the owners and their investors, and whoever else in the business arena. But the bigger issue is getting past folks that have been in positions of power that are just ignorant, that just don’t understand what this thing or this product can do for people, whether it is on the medical side or in terms of enhancing their life and their lifestyle. The game is to pass this onto others—to mentor them, to bring people into the fold at CBE that can continue what I’ve started—and to find people that I want to work with long-term, so that when I die—hopefully in my later years—I can look back and say, “You know, I was part of that revolution. I finally did something that really mattered to me and that matters to a lot of other people.”





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