PJ Bellomo, CEO of RocketDocs

PJ Bellomo is the CEO of RocketDocs, a B2B enterprise, that serves companies who need to improve the speed and quality of their responses to consumers. The company’s goal is to help eliminate revenue decelerators, or as they call it: Information Chaos. Originally called Proposal Software, RocketDocs started during the early 2000s and worked to help companies automate RFPs. However, when their services became popular among large banking and financial institutions, they found their company was working to help automate other types of documentation issues. Proposal Software thus fell short in representing all the services they had to offer. Proposal Software was decidedly rebranded to RocketDocs. Their system combines SaaS technology with best practices to deliver improved speed and accuracy for a multitude of customer documentation requests. Their work helps to benefit customer-facing teams, including sales, sales operations, sales engineering, professional services, customer success, marketing, and technology. In 2018, they have launched a new program that works to improve document automation, enterprise content management, content sharing, and content enablement spaces.

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