Braeden Bumpers,
Owner/Operator of McClintock Distillery

Braeden Bumpers is Co-Founder of McClintock Distillery in Frederick, MD and the keepsake of the “McClintock Young story,” from which the distillery was named.

McClintock Young was a renowned inventor in the 1800’s whose inspirations shaped history far beyond the borders of his hometown of Frederick. Born in 1836, McClintock moved to Frederick as a young man to follow his passion for innovation. His vision and influence on history were extraordinary, but their impact would have been lost to time had it not been for a fortuitous discovery a few years ago. Braeden sat down with the crew from CEOminutes to talk about how the legacy of the distillery's namesake has shaped the mission and innovative spirit of their small-batch limited-release products using some unconventional (and delicious) ingredients.

 Listen to the podcast here.

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