Jon Millhausen
Founder and Owner of Wonderfly Arena

Jon Millhausen, Owner of Wonderfly Arena in Baltimore, MD, contributes the start of his event planning career to his extra semester. While studying to become a Physical Therapist, Jon took a job at an events company that was hosting the first-ever zombie run 5k. While working there, Jon learned the fun (yet the stressful) process of planning an event and fell in love with it. This new-found interest sparked Jon to create Wonderfly Arena. What started as traveling around the country to host events for different parties, soon turned into a 13,000 square foot space for all to come to and enjoy. From running around in a hamster ball to playing arrow tag, Jon believes Wonderfly Arena is the perfect place to book for your special event. View Jon’s story in the CEOminutes video interviews below.

What is Wonderfly Arena?

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