Pathway to the Apex

Jim FitzGibbon
CEO & Founder of SDG Strategy Group

Jim FitzGibbon is the Founder and CEO of SDG Strategy Group. SDG Strategy group is a small consulting firm working with small to mid-market private equity firms, M&A attorneys, and small family offices. The goal? To help businesses gain momentum and increase their profits in an effort to get better valuations when they’re ready to sell. By evaluating profit and loss statements, and combing through businesses’ structure – from their C-Suite to their strategic alliances – Jim and SDG Strategy Group are able to build, implement, and manage detailed growth and revenue plans for their clients (at 1/3 of what a large consulting firm might cost).


Click through the videos below to watch Jim sit down with Offit Kurman Business Law and Transactions Practice Group attorney, Michael N. Mercurio, to discuss his background, more of his strategic services, and some challenges he’s faced up to this point in his career.


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