Rich Gue and Geoff Lopes
Co-Founders of Hysteria Brewing Company

They say lightning doesn't strike twice but for Hysteria Co-Founders Rich Gue and Geoff Lopes, it did, literally.   Back when Rich and Geoff were going through the painstaking, and expensive process of brewing their first batches of beer, they realized they did not have enough power to meet their production goals.  It's then a local utility company told them they would need to not only buy a larger electrical transformer, but would also need to provide a paved road for the utility company access to their new generator.  This could have been the end of the craft beer startup. Rich and Geoff had reached their investment limit and had not brewed enough beer to begin to sell. They felt like they needed divine intervention to save their startup.  That's when lightning struck once and the utility company replaced the transformer for free and hys·te·ri·a  /həˈstirēə,həˈsterēə/  an exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people was born.  Check out videos below to hear how the lightening stuck again when their opening day they sold out of all the beer they had brewed.   Meet Rich and Geoff two HEAVILY COMMITTED PEOPLE MAKING INSANELY FULL FLAVORED BEER.

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