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Dissecting the Deal: Fuse and ZyEdge

You can read about transactions in a book or maybe even attend a webinar. These are good ways to become educated about buying and selling businesses. However, there is an even better way. The BEST way to learn about the in and outs of deals is to hear first-hand from the principals that recently concluded a transaction.

Introducing Dissecting the Deal. (DtD). DtD facilitates a candid and real discussion between the buyers and sellers of business – and their advisors. The discussion focuses on a real transaction, not an example or a fictional scenario. You witness the “Monday Morning Quaterbacking” of a transaction to truly hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of deal. Hear about the considerations going into the transaction, the challenges uncovered and the key learnings from the parties. And the best part – ask your own question of the parties to get first hand, unfiltered advice and answers.

Fuse Engineering, a leader in information technology services, has announced its acquisition of ZyEdge, a prominent cloud services provider. Offit Kurman Business Law and Transactions Chair Michael N. Mercurio led a team of attorneys who represented Fuse during the acquisition. The two entities serve government intelligence organizations and private businesses in the DC metropolitan and Northern Virginia markets.

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