Pathway to the Apex

Christy Puglisi, Founder & CEO of ClearEdge IT Solutions

Christy Puglisi is the Founder and CEO of ClearEdge IT Solutions. Headquartered in Jessup, Maryland, ClearEdge provides software engineering, big data, cloud, data analytics, and data science solutions, and services to private and public enterprises. The company is dedicated to meeting clients' requirements in an innovative and cost-effective manner—while investing in the industry's best and brightest talent and giving back to the community. To lead her team of top-tier engineers and field experts, Christy draws on years of experience as a technician, programmer, and program manager with government agencies and commercial organizations.

In this Pinnacles interview, Christy speaks with Mike Mercurio about her background, her non-linear journey to business ownership, the challenges she faced in founding ClearEdge, what sets her team apart, and more.

On Her Background

Challenges in Starting a Business

What ClearEdge Does & The Employees

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