A Video Conversation with Todd and Laure Fisher of CallTrackingMetrics – Why Phone Calls Still Matter

Optimizing phone conversations to increase customer satisfaction and conversions

calltrackingLaure Fisher and Todd Fisher are the co-founders of CallTrackingMetrics, a marketing software-as-a-service company based in Severna Park, Maryland. Laure is the company’s COO, and Todd serves as CEO. Ranked #226 on the 2016 Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies, CallTrackingMetrics helps organizations streamline, optimize, and gain a deeper understanding of their phone calls. The company’s platform provides routing, security, and analytics, and integrates with services such as Google AdWords, Salesforce, and Hubspot. CallTrackingMetrics is used by over 30,000 businesses, including Toshiba, Griswold Home Care, and Twilio. Last year, CallTrackingMetrics was named one of SmartCEO’s 2016 Family Business Awards honorees.


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Q. Tell us about how the company works.

TODD FISHER: CallTrackingMetrics is a phone system that provides marketing analytics into your phone system as a call-based solution. That means that for the advertiser or for the marketer, you can know that the particular dollars that you put into, say, Google AdWords versus television have a specific outcome in terms of call conversions. For the business, that’s operating a phone system that may be very complex. They may have multiple teams answering different types of phone calls, and they can very easily configure this phone system and very easily keep an eye on how their agents are handling those calls, be it summary reports at the end of the day, or every hour, or even real-time during the day. They can look at what’s going on with their phone systems so that they can react to a trend or support issues they need to address before the day is over—“Are there advertising channels that are outperforming or underperforming within the hour?” And make adjustments in the moment. That’s what our software does. It’s truly a unified phone system providing the marketing and analytics as well as the operations for metrics.

LAURE FISHER: Twenty years ago, everybody thought phone calls were going to die out in terms of how you think of engaging the customers. It was all about web-based channels—emails, text messages, and everything—but what people are finding is that the calls are even more precious. Let’s take a plumber: by the time somebody calls a plumber, they have searched Google, they’ve searched Angie’s List—they’ve researched this—and then they’ve made that call. They’re ready to do something.

TODD FISHER: That’s a sale.

LAURE FISHER: It’s a sale ready to happen, and it’s basically yours to mess up. So getting that call not only answered fast—it used to be just “Hey, how do I answer my phone calls really fast?”—but it’s not just fast, it’s “How do I make sure this person is looking for a plumber, and that they live in this area? They need to be mapped to a plumber I have right down the street from them, and maybe I know, based on the keywords they searched, that they’re interested in fixing a toilet in their house. I know I should get the person on my team to really get talking about that on the phone with them and match them to the right person on my team.”

You can imagine how, as the business is more complex, you really need to make sure that somebody knows exactly what they’re talking about. Take a law firm, for example: How do you map, based on what somebody searched the area that they’re looking for, to the right division in your company, or the right geographic location? People are so impatient now. They’re so busy. They’re making that one phone call—they’re not going to call you back. So you have to make sure you handle it right the first time. That’s all about what we’re trying to do.



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