What We Do

Your employee benefit plans are a key component of your strategy for attracting and retaining top employees.  On the retirement side, our attorneys counsel employers on how to structure and administer their pension plans, including defined contribution and 401(k), defined benefit, cash balance, profit sharing and employee stock ownership plans.  On the welfare side, we advise employers about their medical, dental, vision, disability, long-term care and other benefits--both insured and self-insured--that they provide to their employees.  We also represent clients on their non-qualified executive compensation plans.

Results Driven

Our goal is to keep our clients in compliance with the complex federal statutes, regulations and guidance flowing from such laws as ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, ACA and the Internal Revenue Code.  If a problem occurs, our attorneys are skillful in resolving such problems by negotiation and informal resolution or, if such an outcome is not possible, in effective representation before federal agencies, including the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and Department of Health and Human Services.  We also represent our clients in federal and state court at the trial and appellate levels.  We are experienced in complex litigation but also make every effort to avoid litigation or, where litigation is unavoidable, to move cases promptly toward settlement or victory in advance of trial.

Plan design and modification

We draft and update Plan documents, Summary Plan Descriptions and other documents to keep employers and their plans in compliance with legal requirements as updated by new regulations and guidance.

Federal agency audits and investigations

When plans are audited or investigated by the Department of Labor, IRS or other regulatory agency, we represent employers and their plans to resolve such official actions as promptly as possible.

Employee benefit claims

We advise employers and their plans on best practices to avoid claims and when claims are filed we are skilled in resolving such claims in an expeditious manner.

Breach of fiduciary duty claims

Where litigation alleging breach of fiduciary duty or other statutory claims is threatened or filed, we represent employers aggressively and efficiently to move cases promptly toward settlement, victory in advance of trial or if trial is unavoidable a verdict in favor of the employer.

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