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Franchise Facts: When Do I Need a Franchise Lawyer? Part Two

Click here for part one In my last post, I discussed the process of buying a franchise, and I explained…


Franchise Facts: When Do I Need a Franchise Lawyer? Part One

Buying a franchise is a process, not an event. Franchisees do not walk into a franchise convention, pick out a…


Pursuing a Maryland Mechanic’s Lien Won’t Preclude Your Right to Arbitration

In theory, arbitration is a cheaper and less formal way to way to resolve disputes.  The parties conduct their proceedings…


Franchise Facts: Help! I’ve Fallen Into a Franchise and I Can’t Get Out!

If you’ve ever signed a cable contract, cell phone plan, alarm agreement, or gym membership agreement, you’ve probably learned that…


Construction Alert: MD Law Creates Significant New Obligations for Contractors in Maryland

Beginning October 1, 2018, the obligations of all general contractors in Maryland will change dramatically, thanks to Senate Bill 853,…


Franchise Facts: Expanding Your Franchise: Part 3 – Rights of First Refusal

Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 As a franchise attorney, I see franchisees with many different goals. Some…