Legal Resources

Advisory Groups

Family Business Roundtable

The Family Business Roundtable is a forum for leaders of multi-generational family-owned and operated businesses to meet on a regular basis and, in a relaxed and confidential setting, exchange ideas and information and learn from each other. The Family Business Roundtable of the Greater Baltimore Area meets the second Tuesday of each month. Learn More.

Food and Beverage Roundtable 

This group is a peer advisory network dedicated to discussing issues affecting food and beverage-related “emerging” companies that are experiencing substantial growth and/or change. Group members discuss industry-specific topics (such as shelf life, food brokers and labelling), general business issues as well as personal opportunities and challenges. Learn More.

Medical Cannabis Affinity Group

This group is dedicated to discussing regulatory, legislative and operational issues affecting the medical cannabis industry.   Membership to this group is by invitation only and is limited to owners/operators of current or prospective businesses involved in or serving the medical cannabis industry. Learn More.

SciTech Business Forum

The SciTech Business Forum (SBF) is a peer support and advisory group for leaders of businesses whose products, services, or customers depend on science or technology to achieve a competitive edge. The group helps its members face challenges that are particularly important to SciTech businesses—such as the creation, protection, and use of intellectual property and highly-skilled human resources—as well as issues that are important to the success of any business. Learn More.