Real Estate Summer Scavenger Hunt 2018 Sign Up


You think you know D.C. real estate?  Let’s put that to the test.



  • The hunt begins June 20th and ends July 25th
  • Every Wednesday at 9 am a clue and picture will be sent to each participant
  • The picture will be of a small, but distinguishable, piece of a building in the D.C. metro area
  • Identify the structure
  • Submit your answer



  • Registration opens at 10 am on Monday,  June 18th  
  • Each week the new clue/picture will be added to the homepage
  • If you sign up after the hunt begins you can still play
    • Sign up online
    • Answer the previous week(s) clues on the homepage
    • After that, you will receive the clues every Wednesday
  • Only one answer per person, per clue



  • Series 3 Apple Watch
  • Bragging rights
  • D.C. street cred



  • For each game picture/clue, you must enter your email address and response
  • In case of a tie, there will be Scavenger Hunt Overtime.
    • Until there is a winner, each day at 9 am one picture (no clue) will be sent out
    • The answer must be received by 7 pm the same day
    • If there is no winner by end of day July 27th a winner will be selected at random
      • Bragging rights will be shared
  • Answers to the first six regulation game questions will be sent out on July 26th
  • Winner will be announced the day after contest ends
  • Good luck and may the force be with you


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