Offit Kurman’s Family Law Practice Group Hosts Introduction to Family Law Event

On May 12, 2014, Offit Kurman’s Family Law Practice Group held its first Introduction to Family Law event in their Bethesda office.  Presenters included Ron Ogens, Cheryl Hepfer, Marjorie Just, Sara Donohue, and Catherine McQueen  Topics discussed included Custody, Adoption and Guardianship, Child Support, Divorce: Jurisdiction, Grounds and Limited vs. Absolute, Practice Tips of Handling a Domestic Case: Getting along with Opposing Counsel and Judge, Conducting Discovery, etc. and Marital Property and Alimony.   The event received excellent feedback from attendees. “It was a great event that offered a lot of valuable information.” “Fantastic program. The experience of the attorneys really shines through.” “Great program with lots of information.“ Click here for more information about Offit Kurman’s Family Law Group and future events.