Offit Kurman Launches Title IX Representation Practice Group

For Immediate Release 

Bethesda, MD | September 9, 2019

Colleges, universities and public secondary schools around the country are under pressure to enforce Title IX, a federal law which prohibits sexual assault, misconduct and harassment in all public-school systems, all public higher education, and all private universities and colleges receiving federal funding. The pressure to enforce Title IX can cause accused students to be denied due process.

To protect the rights of all individuals involved in campus sexual misconduct proceedings, Offit Kurman has launched the Title IX Representation Practice Group. The team serves accused college and secondary students, students who have experienced sexual assault or harassment in schools, and school faculty members and administrators tasked with carrying out the law. Offit Kurman’s Title IX attorneys provide a range of services for clients, including representation and advisory services, investigations, due process litigation, and college and university Title IX compliance guidance.

A Title IX complaint jeopardizes an accused student’s education and career prospects. Those accused of campus sexual assault or misconduct typically face suspension or expulsion, as well as the loss of scholarships. Even the accusation of a Title IX violation frequently requires the accused student to move to different campus housing, results in the loss of campus leadership positions, and disqualifies the student from collegiate sports. A finding of responsibility for campus sexual misconduct can be an obstacle to gaining acceptance into another higher educational program and to obtaining a professional license or employment.

“It is vital that all students receive due process in Title IX proceedings,” said Offit Kurman attorney Lisa Seltzer Becker. “For students who risk suspension or expulsion, or who are not receiving protection under the law, legal counsel is crucial, even if the school does not permit the attorney a formal procedural role.”

To learn more about Offit Kurman’s Title IX Representation Practice Group, or to contact a Title IX attorney, click here.



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