Offit Kurman Entertainment Lawyer Quoted in Philadelphia Tribune Music Industry Feature

An attorney with Offit Kurman’s business litigation and entertainment law practices, was recently quoted in The Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia’s leading African-American newspaper. The article, entitled “New label plans to warm up city music scene,” explores the city’s rapidly changing music industry and creative landscape through the perspective of up-and-coming rap artist Chill Moody. Moody, who Offit Kurman represents, is a critically acclaimed rapper and co-founder of the recently launched Nice Things Music Label, which Tribune correspondent Nathaniel Lee calls a “venue where artists go, without feeling it necessary to leave the city just to make it in the music business. It will also be a place for artists who have left to city to return and continue producing good music.” “Chill has always been a big believer in helping to cultivate the talent that the city breeds,” says Offit Kurman, “and the problem that we’ve identified from a business perspective is that the need for an infrastructure to help these young artists grow and continue to grow and get notoriety wasn’t [there].” Click here to read the full article.


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