Fumo Family Rift Exposed in Court

Offit Kurman attorneys Don Foster  represented Allison Fumo, daughter of former State Senator Vincent J “Vince” Fumo, in a family feud over a 2.5 million dollar trust fund.

Between tears and tissues, Vincent J. Fumo’s younger daughter said from the witness stand Tuesday that she no longer has faith in him. “I don’t trust my father, unfortunately,” Allison Fumo, 23, testified. Her brother, Vincent E. Fumo, 44, said much the same. He said his father wanted to win “at all costs” – even if it meant draining every dollar from a $2.5 million trust fund set up for him and his sister. As the former state senator and Democratic powerhouse closes in on release from federal prison, the painful details of a new rift with his children were being laid bare in a fourth-floor courtroom in City Hall. And, as with so many issues that roiled what once was called Fumoworld, the fight was about money. Allison Fumo filed suit last year in Philadelphia Orphans’ Court to wrest control of Fumo Family L.P. from her imprisoned father. She complained that her father had installed a succession of ill-suited cronies in key positions in the partnership and that its leaders had made important financial decisions to benefit Fumo, to the detriment of his children.

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