Are You In Compliance With Maryland Home Improvement Laws?

by Brian Loffredo, Esq. If you perform construction work for homeowners, it is likely you are considered a Home Improvement Contractor (“HIC”) under Maryland Law. As such, you are governed by several important laws, which govern your contract documents and your sales transactions with homeowners. The Maryland Home Improvement Law requires all home improvement contracts in the state to meet specific requirements. There are penalties (including criminal penalties) for non-compliance with these requirements, and it is imperative that HICs assure that their contracts are in compliance. In addition, the Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act imposes additional requirements on HICs, including mandatory contract provisions. Among other things, the Door-to-Door Sales Act sets forth several specific notices and pieces of information that must be furnished to homeowners. It also requires that homeowners be afforded a 3-day cancellation period, and certain other rights, each of which must be explained to the homeowner at the time of sale. While the “Door-to-Door Sales Act” sounds as if it only pertains to HICs who travel from door to door, this is not accurate. Even contractors who are solicited by homeowners can easily fall within the purview of the Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act. Therefore, it is important that every HIC in the State of Maryland maintain an updated and compliant contract. Failure to abide by the law can have serious implications.

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