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Vic Selvaggi

Kinetic Systems

Pinnacles: Pathway to the Apex See More Videos Here Vic Selvaggi of Kinetic Systems Typically, when you hear the word…

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Consider Selling Your Business

Dan Doran, Quantive Business Valuations

Are You Considering Selling Your Business? Now Is A Great Time To Consider Selling Your Business! The current M&A market is hot.  In fact, so hot that it may be at a historical level.  However, like most things in life, the market will not stay hot forever and when it closes, the “window” closes very…

Donna Kolb Boesl

CEO of Walter Electric

Pinnacles: Pathway to the Apex See More Videos Here Donna Kolb Boesl, CEO of Walter Electric Donna Kolb Boesl is the CEO of Walter Electric, an electrical contractor serving the Greater Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. Walter Electric’s history dates back nearly a century, starting when Donna’s grandfather, Walter G. Kolb, founded Kolb Electric in 1925. The company…

Denise O’Neill

President of The Alternative Board

Pinnacles: Pathway to the Apex See More Videos Here Denise O’Neill, President of The Alternative Board Denise O’Neill is the president of The Alternative Board, Baltimore-Washington Corridor (TAB-BWI). A branch of the global TAB network, TAB-BWI is a coalition of experienced business professionals who provide peer advisory services, one-on-one coaching, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and…

Larry Letow

Pinnacles: Pathway to the Apex See More Videos Here Larry Letow, CEO of Convergence Technology Larry Letow is the CEO of Convergence Technology Consulting, an information technology and data management firm based in Columbia, Maryland. Calling on a deep well of technological expertise and experience, Convergence provides enterprise infrastructure, web and app development, cybersecurity, and…

Matt Stover

Vice President, & Co-Founder, Players Philanthropy Fund

Pinnacles: Pathway to the Apex See More Videos Here Matt Stover, Vice President & Co-Founder of Players Philanthropy Fund Using a prominent public platform to empower others give back to the community Matt Stover is a former American Football placekicker, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Baltimore Ravens “Ring of Honor” inductee—and now, a major philanthropist in…

Pinnacles: Pathways to The Apex

Mike Mercurio knows that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. The diverse entrepreneurs he works with have learned from others who came before them. Now, they’re sharing their stories with the next generation. In this video interview series, Mike talks to the extraordinary people who have reached the pinnacle of business achievement. Each entrepreneur has charted their own unique route to success, but all share the same sense of determination and accomplishment. From challenges and headaches to shortcuts and the value adds, you’ll learn not only from their triumphs but also their failures and missteps.

If you have a story to share, Mike wants to hear from you—because every person building a business can benefit from others’ experience. As he says, “It is good to be lucky in life but it’s better to stack the deck so the odds are in your favor.”

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