Maurice OffitMaurice Offit is an estate planning attorney, co-founder of Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law and a member of the firm's Management Committee. Mr. Offit counsels a large number of clients who share an interest in minimizing estate taxes and asset protection from the claims of creditors

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Asset Protection Planning
is a“Plan B.”

mauricepage_planbAs published in MACPA Statement - October 2015

Clients spend their entire careers working hard and accumulating wealth; and once they’ve “made it,” their primary interest is in holding onto what they have. Clients, therefore, have a keen interest in establishing an asset protection plan – a plan that will protect their... Read More

An Organizer’s Dream, But a Potential Estate Planning Nightmare

mauricepage_lockAs published in GGI  FYI Trust & Estate Planning News

Here’s a sad, but true story. The parents of a 35-year-old son, who had suddenly passed away, retained a law firm to administer their son’s estate.The law firm asked the parents for a copy of their son’s Will, his income tax return, his bank and brokerage statements, and his life.…Read More

The Daily Record:  A South Pacific Story
A behind-the-scenes look at offshore accounts

mauricepage_dailyrecordTake a six-hour flight, due west from BWI, across the United States, spend another six hours in the air to Hawaii, and then hang a left for a 10-hour ride to Cook Islands where only one of the seven air­ ports scattered throughout the 15-island archipelago is paved. The hard trip may just be worth it, considering that you end up in the heart of the South Pacific, not far from the romance of …Read More

Distribution of Your Children’s Trusts -
Options to Consider

mauricepage_fullhousePicture that you’ve just met with your estate planning attorney and in the course of discussing the terms of your new Will, you’ve decided that it’s best to leave your children’s inheritance to them in trust. Now, the hard part begins, as you need to decide how the trustee will distribute the assets of the trust to your children. Should all the assets be distributed to.…Read More

How to Protect the Inheritance that your Children Will Receive from Divorce 

maruicepage_estate1One of the things that I’ve learned over the years, is that clients aren’t sure that their children are happily married. I, therefore, wasn’t surprised when a long-time client of mine indicated to me that she was concerned that her son, Bill, and her daughter-in-law, Hillary, would get divorced in the years to come; and if the divorce occurred after her death, she wanted .... Read More

Are Your Affairs in Order?
Download Your Free Estate Planning Quiz

mauricepage_quizAre your affairs in order? If you’re not sure, take the quiz which was prepared by Maurice Offit. Maurice is an estate planning attorney and a member of Offit Kurman’s estate planning department.

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What Every Client Needs: Food, Shelter, Clothing and Asset Protection Planning


As published in MACPA Statement 

I’ve always envied CPAs as they’re guaranteed to meet with their clients once a year (at tax time); and they, therefore, have the opportunity to make sure that their clients’ planning is up to date. Most CPAs remind their clients, at tax time, to review their financial plans and make sure that their investments...Read More

Journal of Financial Service Professionals: The Truth About Offshore Asset Protection

mauricepage_offshoreAs published in the July 2000 Journal of Financial Service Professionals

Offshore asset protection trusts effectively shield a client's assets from the claims of potential creditors. Unfortunately, the word "offshore" has a negative connotation, and a signifi­cant portion of the planning community mistakenly believes that offshore asset protectio.…Read More

Why You Should Consider Leaving Your Children’s Inheritance in Trust for Their Benefit 

feb2015images_estate2On the popular television comedy, Modern Family, Claire and Phil Dunphy have two daughters, Haley and Alex, and a son, Luke, Like most families, each child is different. Haley is a typical teenager and has never been the world’s greatest student. Upon learning that a college had accepted her for admission, Haley remarked that she hoped that there’s a mall near.…Read More

Things don’t have to be so complicated – Now, you can simplify your Will


Taxes are everywhere. In addition to income taxes, most of us have to pay sales taxes, real estate taxes, and payroll taxes. But, fortunately, many of us no longer have to worry about the payment of federal estate taxes. Take a look at the table set forth below – it indicates the changes that have been made to the federal estate tax laws since 1997. 
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Guaranteeing Your Family’s Inheritance After a Second Marriage 


Sadly, one of every two marriages ends in divorce. But eighty percent of the people who get divorced, get married again; and most of them marry within four years after the date that they were divorced. It, therefore, doesn’t surprise me that I represent a number of clients who are interested in updating their estate planning documents after they remarry.  These clients, as you would expect …Read More