Employment Practice Playbook

by Susie Cirilli

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As a business owner or HR professional interested in Labor and Employment legal issues and updates, The Employment Practice Playbook is your resource for how to conduct business and operate efficiently while keeping up with the ever-changing legal landscape. We take a deep dive into situations employers face and analyze some best practices for your business moving forward. Join Offit Kurman Philadelphia-based attorney, Susie Cirilli, for new podcasts and blogs that delve into legal topics and issues in the workplace.


Join Offit Kurman Labor and Employment attorney, Susie Cirilli, for the Employment PracticePlaybook podcast. This short-form podcast digs deep into issues that are facing employers every single day

Employee Resignation is Not a Shield from Employer Liability

By Susie Cirilli, Esq. | June 3, 2022

Oftentimes, newer employers believe that they are clear from liability because “they never fired anyone.” Businesses may believe they are…

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Employer Refresher: Meal and Rest Breaks

By Susie Cirilli, Esq. | May 20, 2022

As we roll into summer, many food and retail businesses are hiring summer staff. As seasonal businesses hire new employees,…

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FMLA Series: What is an Eligible Employee?

By Susie Cirilli, Esq. | February 16, 2022

Once a business establishes whether they are a Covered Employer, the next step is to establish which employees are eligible…

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FMLA Series: Which Employers Must Offer FMLA?

By Susie Cirilli, Esq. | February 9, 2022

As small businesses grow into larger businesses, it is essential for these entities to understand their growing responsibilities to their…

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