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Jay Steinmetz, CEO of Barcoding, Inc.


Jay Steinmetz is the CEO of Barcoding, Incorporated. Since 1998, Barcoding, Inc. has provided barcoding and data capture solutions to businesses on an enterprise scale. The company has designed and implements warehouse management systems, mobility systems, inventory control, asset tracking, and more elements of the supply chain. Headquartered in Baltimore, Barcoding, Inc. also has major offices in Chicago, St. Louis, and San Diego; as well as additional locations nationwide. Each year, the company hosts an Executive Forum: a one-day conference aimed at educating organizations in the use of mobile technology.

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Todd Marks, CEO of Mindgrub Technologies President


Todd Marks is the CEO of Mindgrub, a software development company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Started in a basement, Mindgrub has grown in a technology innovation agency that produces mobile and social web apps and games. The company has been named one of Baltimore’s “Best Places to Work” (Baltimore Magazine, 2015) and has been listed in the Inc. 5000, Inc. magazine's annual feature of America's fastest growing private companies. Mindgrub’s clients include Yamaha, Smithsonian Magazine, Catapult, Baltimore County Public Schools, and University of Maryland Baltimore County. Recently, in addition to its software products, Mindgrub has started to venture into digital marketing.

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Ryan Millman, President and Owner of Nations Photo Lab


Ryan Millman is the president and owner of Nations Photo Lab, a photography printing manufacturer based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Since 2005, Nations has provided professional photographers with finishing services, framing, and more. Products include professional prints, metallic prints, photo on canvas printing, custom photo books, mounting, postcards, album printing, sports packages, press cards, photo gifts, and various elements of home decor. The company currently employs about 250 personnel.

Ryan also heads Nations sister brands Artsy Couture and GreekYearbook. In 2010, Ernst and Young named him entrepreneur of the year for the state of Maryland.

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Rick Miller, President and CEO of Woodsboro Bank

RickMillerRick Miller is the president and CEO of Woodsboro Bank, a community bank based in Frederick County, Maryland. With seven branches throughout the region, Woodsboro Bank offers customers products and services commensurate with those of national financial institutions, including online and mobile checking. The bank’s lending office in downtown Frederick serves the needs of local business owners, farmers, and developers. Additionally, the bank supports a wide variety of philanthropic, cultural, and charitable community organizations through annual donations.

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John Cammack of Cammack Associates, LLC

JohnCammackJohn Cammack is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and the managing partner of Cammack Associates, LLC. John specializes in the education and mental fitness industries, providing venture capital and strategic planning for companies in the startup phase. Prior to starting his own firm, John was a senior executive at the T. Rowe Price Group. Citybizlist previously interviewed John about his involvement in the Baltimore Angels and Betamore

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Greg Cangialosi, Jennifer Meyer, and John Cammack of Betamore

betamoreGreg Cangialosi is the co-founder and chair of Betamore, a coworking space, incubator, and campus offering classes aimed at fostering creativity in technology and entrepreneurship. Betamore CEO Jennifer Meyer and managing partner John Cammack, of Cammack Associates, joined us for this interview. After launching its award-winning campus in Federal Hill in 2012, Betamore recently transitioned to become a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization. 

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David Ashton, Founder of Ashton Designs

David Ashton is the founder of Ashton Design, a Baltimore-based multidisciplinary design consultancy he now runs with co-creative directors Jenny Hoffman and Alexey Ikonomou. Industries the firm services range from architecture and interiors to retail and entertainment spaces. Clients have included the Baltimore Orioles, Dodger Stadium, the Maryland Institute College of Art, Harley Davidson, and the Maryland Zoo.

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 Jamie McDonald, Founder of Generosity, Inc

Jamie McDonald is the founder of Generosity, Inc., an organization established in 2015. Generosity, Inc. applies the latest advancements in digital commerce to help nonprofits, educational institutions, companies, and communities raise more money for good causes and fully engage their supporters. The organization’s approach combines strategic campaign planning, peer-to-peer fundraising, and crowdfunding with proven impact programs such as donor outreach and giving days. ancestry.

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Anne Balduzzi, Founder and CMO of SameGrain  

Anne Balduzzi is the founder and CMO of SameGrain. SameGrain is a privacy-first social discovery platform that enables anyone anywhere to privately connect with other people that share multiple in-depth areas in common, such as beliefs, professional industry, life experiences, and ancestry.

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Allen Shay,  Co-Founder and President of CyberSpa

Allen Shay is the co-founder and president of CyberSpa, a Baltimore-based software technology company that develops tools for automating hard drive replacement and offers PC services through its business and charitable partners. CyberSpa’s service delivery solution, FreshStart, enables providers to offer best in class PC service through an automated program that takes about an hour to perform, but only about 15 minutes of hands-on time.

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Manpreet Singh, President and Co-Founder of TalkLocal

manpreetManpreet Singh is the president and co-founder of TalkLocal, a service that connects consumers with local specialized professionals in minutes. From plumbers to tax preparers, TalkLocal users can set appointments with qualified service providers immediately without the hassle of an online search or phonebook.

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Brian Le Gette, CEO & Co-founder, ZeroChroma

My name is Brian Le Gette. I’m the CEO of ZeroChroma and we make wearable tech accessories. We wrap ourselves and our products around phones and tablets providing what we consider a revolutionary and empowering solution to the consumer.

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Jess Gartner, CEO & Founder Allovue 

Jess Gartner is the CEO and founder of Allovue, an education resource planning platform for K-12 schools and districts that empowers educators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of students. Allovue’s flagship product, Balance, contains applications to analyze school budgets, track and forecast expenditures, identify trends over time, and plan for future capital investments.

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Kwame Kuadey, Founder & CEO 

By any measure, 2008 was a tough year to start a business. Kwame Kuadey, Founder and CEO ofGiftCardRescue, was working in corporate America, earning his MBA from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School, and was laid off. He never met a problem he didn’t like, though, or at least didn’t examine for business potential. He was prepared and confident, having already identified a ubiquitous problem and recognized a multi-million dollar opportunity: Unwanted gift cards cannot be returned to retailers. One hundred billion dollars in gift cards were sold in 2014; the data show that 10 percent of gift cards go unused. is the “trading floor” online space where gift cards are bought for up to 35 percent off and sold for up to 92 percent cash back.

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