A Better Way To Do Business

Advance Your Legal Career With Offit Kurman

At Offit Kurman, we have some pretty unorthodox principles. Like fairness and teamwork — both hard to come by at some law firms. We believe the two go hand-in-hand in building a flourishing operation of talented and satisfied professionals.


Our performance-based compensation system means your earnings are tied to objective measurements — the same ones for every lawyer in the firm, principal and associate alike. Our simple formula takes into account the value of the business  you bring in and the value of your productive hours. Our transparent system of  management means everyone has access to the firm’s monthly and annual performance records.


Our system rewards lawyers for their individual efforts. But we also value teamwork. That’s why we reward our lawyers for the referrals they make to others in the firm.  And why we hold regular monthly meetings for the entire Offit Kurman team —  so everyone can analyze results, see what the firm is working on and determine what and how they can contribute.


We believe our dual emphasis on performance-based compensation and teamwork is the best way to motivate every individual to work hard not only for him- or herself,  but for the good of the entire firm.


We Help You Perform Better

Talented attorneys at many firms face  tough hurdles in building their practices: tedious administrative responsibilities; legal matters beyond their core focus area; development of experienced lawyer and administrative support staff; crushing time commitments and travel schedules.

Offit Kurman gives you the resources you  need to fully serve your clients while building long-term, value-added relationships so you’ll never need to turn away new business.


Our support staff includes experienced paralegals, law clerks and administrative assistants. With the support of every lawyer in our firm behind you, you can offer your clients access to wide-ranging expertise while you focus on practicing law. Our locations across the region become your satellite offices while you’re on the road. Our growing reputation and quality marketing tools make it easier to acquire new clients — and remain their ongoing, trusted advisor.


Offit Kurman can free you from much of the day-to-day administrative burden of running your practice so you can concentrate on what you want to do.