Friday Factoids

Friday Factoid Quiz: Taurus

April 20 through May 21 marks the season of Taurus, the astrological zodiac sign represented by the symbol of a bull.  In honor of this month, test your knowledge of these bull-themed logos and creative works.

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Friday Factoid: Pisces

For those who believe in astrology, people born between February 19 and March 20 are Pisces. The Pisces symbol consists of two fish swimming in opposite directions. To recognize our Pisces friends and relatives, test your knowledge of these fish-related intellectual property assets.

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Friday Factoid Quiz: St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades and green beer. Although this day was originally celebrated as a religious holiday, it has become a day to honor Irish history and culture. To mark the occasion, test your knowledge of these Irish-related intellectual property facts.

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Alexander Graham Bell

On March 3, 1847, Alexander Graham Bell was born.  This Scottish born inventor is credited with creating and patenting the first telephone, and Bell also founded AT&T in 1885.  To honor this pioneer in the field of communications technology and business, test your knowledge on these intellectual property-related facts pertaining to telephones and the communications industry.

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Dr. Seuss

March 2nd, 2019 is the 115th anniversary of the day Dr. Seuss was born. This author, cartoonist, and animator created more than 60 books, including some of the world’s most recognizable works of intellectual property. To honor his contributions to the fields of education and entertainment, test your knowledge of the life and works of Dr. Seuss.

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