Friday Factoid Quiz: Famous American Poets

May 31, 2020, marks the 201st anniversary of the birth date for Walt Whitman, one of America’s best-known poets. Great poetry is a treasured intellectual property asset and protected by copyright laws. To honor Walt Whitman and his artistic colleagues, take this quiz to test your knowledge of America’s finest poets.

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Friday Factoid Quiz: The Potential Formula For Feel-Good Songs

Now more than ever, people are listening to popular songs in order to lift their spirits. Several years ago, a professor of neuroscience in The Netherlands (Dr. Jacob Jolij) analyzed the results of a British survey of top “feel-good” songs in an effort to identify a formula to separate feel-good songs from other music. While feel-good songs are a matter of personal preference, Jolij observed that music generally recognized as feel-good songs: (1) have average tempos in the 140-150 BPM (beats per minute) range, which is higher than the average of 118 BPM for typical pop songs; (2) are written in major keys; and (3) include lyrics about happy or positive subjects. Although this formula is admittedly imprecise and not scientifically reliable, test your knowledge of the intellectual property behind the works listed on Dr. Jolij’s list of Top 10 Feel-Good Songs:

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Comfort Food

While engaged in social distancing, many people rely on well-recognized comfort food brands to calm their nerves. With this in mind, it’s time to entertain yourself with the following quiz regarding the intellectual property behind these iconic comfort food brands:

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Creativity in Isolation

man writing notes and cloud computing concept

People engaged in social distancing can make good use of their time by developing new ideas and creative works. To celebrate people who have made good use of their time during unfavorable situations, test your knowledge of these intellectual property accomplishments created during periods of isolation:

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Friday Factoid Quiz: Green Logos and Marks

Picture of different shades of green

Green is the color of money. It also represents the earth and eco-friendly products, causes and organizations. During March, green is also associated with St. Patrick’s Day, when people celebrate the holiday by dyeing their food, drinks and rivers green. To mark the occasion, test your knowledge of these famous green logos and brands.

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