Family Law

Do You Represent Men or Women?

People often ask me whether I represent men or women in my divorce cases.  While there are firms out there that advertise that they protect “men’s rights” or use similar gender-based marketing, most family lawyers do not take clients based on whether they are a man or a woman.  It does not serve either the attorney or the client to decide whether to create an attorney-client relationship based on gender.  More important is whether a particular client will be best-served by a particular attorney. 

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Handling Your Child’s Parent-Teacher Conference, and Other Educational Decision-Making, After a Divorce

How you and your ex-spouse handle educational decision-making for your child after the divorce depends on who has legal custody of the child. Before a divorce, as parents, you and your spouse had joint input into educational decisions for your child. After the divorce, your ability to make educational decisions for your child is governed by your separation agreement or the court’s order.

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Child Custody Modification

In the State of Maryland, courts will modify existing child custody and visitation arrangements in accordance with the best interests of the child. However, they will only do so upon a showing of a materially changed circumstance reasonably believed to affect the child’s welfare…

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Traveling with Babies Recap

Does anyone enjoy flying with a baby? Infants themselves certainly don’t like the experience, but neither do their parents and…

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Significant Changes To Title IX

On November 16, 2018, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released proposed regulations implementing Title IX.[1] The proposed regulations require[2] all…

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