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Help! I’ve Turned Into ‘That’ Lawyer

As Published in The Daily Record

Don’t you just love days when you have four briefs due at the same time in different jurisdictions that do not have e-file? Well, that was me last Friday.

Like most people, I have a plan for the week, but the plan never pans out (in the words of Taylor Swift, like ever).

I planned to have everything done the day before, but an ill-timed migraine and fires in other cases resulted in my being way behind my target schedule.

I reached out to an associate for help. She was great and dutifully prioritized my emergency above her other work.

As I sat there frantically typing, trying to get all the briefs in the mail on time, it occurred to me that I had become “that” lawyer. That lawyer who makes her emergency someone else’s emergency.

As an associate who had to endure that torture for many years, I vowed not to become that lawyer. Yet there I sat.

I started thinking back over the last couple of years and realized I had slowly been turning into that lawyer. The realization was harsh.

To counter it, I spent the weekend getting my personal life “together.” Ha. As if that is even possible. I came back to the office Monday and tried to get my office together. Again, HA.

I determined that getting everything together is not possible. Litigators live by the deadline and every day is filled with fires. Instead of fretting about the fact that I cannot totally control my schedule, plans or workflow, I have decided to embrace the situation. Some days I will be the organized lawyer with only four emails in my inbox. Other days I am going to be that lawyer.

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