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Networking Choices

With so many opportunities presenting themselves for networking at the holiday season, how do you choose??

While it would be great if I can be in more than one place at a time, I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  Consequently, as a mere mortal, I have to choose.

As busy people, we belong to multiple organizations, all of which have events in December.  Some are networking with groups we regularly see, others are annual opportunities that do not present throughout the year.

That is one of the measures I try to use in making the decision.  Tonight is a great example.  Leadership Howard County is having a holiday event tonight for its alumni consisting of a “crawl” between Hysteria and Lost Ark.  Plaxen & Adler is having a holiday event to which I was invited because one of its partners is in my Columbia Patuxent Rotary Club.  And finally, Governor Hogan is hosting a Governor’s Gala at the Hilton tonight.

So many options, what to do??!!!  Since I can’t do it all, I chose the event most likely not to repeat itself throughout the year. The Governor’s Gala happens once per year.  I will have the opportunity to see people there, who I may not see as regularly as those in my normal circles.  I hate to miss a thing, but sometimes we need to make a choice.

My choice is driven by the opportunity to go to a place, or to be with people, that are unique to my regular networking schedule.