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Howard County Chamber Economic Forecast

As usual, Anirban Basu, the Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, regaled the breakfast crowd with his ability to talk numbers, graphs, and economics in an informative and entertaining way.

The state of affairs is reasonably good, and even better for Howard County.  He applauds the business climate in the State of Maryland, and I credit a business friendly Governor Hogan for that as well as a President Trump who is urging tax reform and relief for businesses.   He foresees that home ownership will become more popular again, despite the current preference of millennials for multi-family housing.  A lot of office space is being built, but he questions the need for, and the ability to fill that space.  Consumer spending is driving our economy at this point, and he warns that consumer spending cannot carry the day.

His forecast:  We are in a good place now, but that cannot continue indefinitely.  His concern is that change is coming in 2018.  Not doom and gloom, but change.