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Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship in Howard County Shark Tank

Junior Achievement really impresses!

I was asked to be a guest shark to ask questions, and provide feedback for 4 teams of Junior Achievement girls, at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship in Howard County.

Each team presented a pitch on a product.  The products were:  A portable charger, hair tie connector, customized binder, and a waterproof pouch for cell phones.

The poise with which these teams operated was impressive.  Their presentations included a power point, with a SWOT analysis within.

At the end of the night, the sharks selected the product in which they had the most confidence could be a success, and the participants did the same.  Interestingly enough, the selections were the same.  Now the entire group will continue its work on the selected project (the portable charger).  As I was leaving, they team was dividing itself into departments of the company that would work on the project.

I was a first time shark for this event, but other sharks had participated previously.  I am constantly amazed what students can do, when nurtured by their directors and mentors, who are to be commended.

If you are asked to be a shark, and I hope that invitation comes to me again, be sure to say “yes!”