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Holland Awards Dinner

Imagine 500 people who live in the county, and who generously give to those who are underserved.  That was the scene at Turf Valley for the Holland Awards Dinner.  Mary Ann Scully, President and CEO of Howard Bank, reminded us of the choices we are able to make, and that not all individuals have the same choices.

Those without the choices, may find themselves underserved.  Enter the generosity of the community, and the consequent resources of the Community Action Council, under the leadership of Bita Dayhoff, which operates 4 core programs:  Food Assistance, Early Childhood Education, Energy Assistance & Weatherization Updates, and Housing Assistance.

Senator Guy Guzzone and County Executive Allan Kittleman were presented with awards for their Humanitarian efforts, in particular, related to the acquisition of a new location for the Howard County Food Bank.

The evening was inspiring, and I left with the sense, as I have on many recent fundraising gatherings that occur in the county, that we have such generosity in this county.  People give and give, and the Community Action Council fills that essential role to seeing that the generosity and the need are matched up.