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A Video Conversation with Rob Meagher, Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and President of CBE Press- On Getting Started

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Rob Meagher is the founder, editor-in-chief, and president of CBE Press. Headquartered in Virginia, CBE Press is a business media company that serves members of the cannabis industry throughout the United States with the latest news, opinion, information, and resources. The company’s website,, as well as its CBE Week and CBE Policy & Legal weekly e-newsletters, are read by numerous executives, business owners, and partners at cannabis production facilities, processors, and retailers.


OFFIT KURMAN: Tell us about your background and how you got started as a publisher.


ROB MEAGHER: I started out graduating from American University with a degree in finance. It was actually in the middle of the Reagan Revolution; interest rates were 18%, 19%, 20%, so the career choice and the path that I was heading into wasn’t exactly a positive one. I started doing market research for Merrill Lynch, with a local chapter of their company in DC, looking at real estate trends that were occurring in the area. That job lasted about six months. As that real estate recession hit, they folded, and I was out of the labor force.


By chance, my wife was working at The Washington Post Company, and she was working in the national advertising department. I had met quite a few of the people that she worked with and thought, “Wow, what a great way to make a living. They’re getting paid great, they’re having fun doing their jobs,” and it didn’t look like they were working really hard. I’d come with a pretty strong track record of digging in and putting the nose to the grindstone in terms of how I was raised, and I thought, “not a bad career path.” I was fortunate enough through those network contacts to find a job with their national rep firm, a company called Sawyer Ferguson Walker that represented 40 of the best papers in the US, and they offered me a position to sell advertising in the New England marketplace.


What’s significant about it from a career track perspective—I actually gave everything back to that. I had a great mentor—a boss who was customer-centric, a guy that really taught me how to talk to people and to draw out what they were trying to accomplish and their needs—and I had a portfolio of things like The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution—again, some of the greatest brands in the newspaper industry. Back in 1983–1984, it was really a great way to walk into the media sales game.






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