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Read | Delete: The Hottest Words Found in Startup Descriptions

If you’re trying to set yourself apart, first take note of what’s trendy. These are the 10 terms that showed up most often in early-stage VC-backed startup descriptions between 2010 and 2016:
1. app
2. platform
3. technology
4. service
5. solution
6. data
7. manage
8. market
9. help
10. mobile

To be sure, a lot has changed over the course of this decade, which is why CB Insights also tracked the popularity of terms over time. CB Insights found that “Twitter,” “Facebook,” “social network” and “social media” are among the top 40 terms on the most rapid decline over the past six years. The word “social” showed up in 12 percent of company descriptions in 2010, but in 2016, it’s only found in 4 percent. CB Insights attributes this to the fact that large social networks have established themselves, so fewer copycats are cropping up.


Source: Entrepreneur


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