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Whew! The election craze is over. Twelve plus months of non-stop talk (or rather bickering) about who is better suited for the Office of the President is enough. Now that we know who won, what do you think President-Elect Trump’s impact will be on your business (see the article below on business leaders’ reaction to the election)? From my conversation with business folks, most believe that Trump will have a positive impact on business. For one, the possibility of lower tax rates may further stimulate the M&A marketplace. I’ve heard clients consider – sell now or wait to see if Trump lowers taxes (capital gains as well as ordinary income). Regardless of one’s feelings on Trump, he will have an impact on business. And I for one, as a corporate attorney, hope for the best!


Business Leaders Give Trump a Mixed Reception
The Atlantic
During his campaign, Donald Trump touted his experience as a CEO and real-estate tycoon as his most significant qualification for president. His theory has in large part been that running a company counts as qualification for public office because it teaches one about taxes, how to grow a business…READ MORE

6 Things You Must Do If You Want Your Crowdfunding Campaign to Take Off
The Inc.
In order to pull off a successful crowdfunding campaign, you need to have some serious faith that your concept will solve pain points for your audience. Likewise, your followers are taking a big gamble on you, so you had better make it worth their while to learn…READ MORE

Top #5 Tips To Become A Successful Woman Entrepreneur
In a bid to celebrate women leadership and technology, women leaders from across the world held an interactive session at the India- UK Tech Summit 2016.The mixed panel of speakers from India and the United Kingdom discussed how a network can help women achieve…READ MORE

These Mistakes are Hurting Your Small Business Communications
Small Business Trends
The single biggest competitive weapon that small businesses have over large competitors in this area is the use of technology. Big companies are slow to switch since they have invested millions of dollars in their systems…READ MORE

What Makes Great Entrepreneurs Think Differently?
Think outside the box. Take risks. Turn obstacles into success. We’ve all heard these motivational platitudes before. So, why do so many of us struggle to actually apply them to our daily business lives…READ MORE

The Top Ten Habits of Wildly Successful Online Entrepreneurs
Huffington Post
It can be so tempting to chase that magic pill that grants you all the success you’ve been desiring (ideally with none of the effort, am I right?). In fact, a lot of the marketing to online entrepreneurs that I see lately suggests that there IS a hidden secret to success…READ MORE



An Internet-Powered Beer-Making Robot…What Could Go Wrong?
The Wall Street Journal
The internet-connected PicoBrew Pico homebrewing machine takes pods of grain and hops and turns them into beer. But, as WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler learned, there’s still room for human error…WATCH THE VIDEO

You’ll Never Guess How This Gadget Gets Its Power
Say goodbye to power cords and even to wireless charging stations. The old-fashioned way of charging electronics simply isn’t good enough for the makers of a new smartwatch called PowerWatch. There’s apparently no need when this smartwatch uses your body heat to maintain its charge…READ MORE

10 things in tech you need to know today
Business Insider
Donald Trump’s presidency could have a major impact on Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton, hosting a fundraiser earlier this year…READ MORE

Six Big Technology Questions for President Trump
MIT Technology Review
The long road to the White House is over, and now it’s time to put the political theater behind us and focus on policy. Donald Trump said very little on the campaign trail about the issues we care most about here…READ MORE

Google Daydream: A VR Headset With More Control
The Wall Street Journal
Google is making smartphone-powered virtual reality a lot more fun and interactive by adding a simple ingredient: a controller. If you buy Google’s new $79 Daydream View headset, you’ll also get a controller. It’s the size of a Twinkie cut in half, and has an action button, a home button, motion sensors and…READ MORE



7 Potential Pitfalls With Mergers & Acquisitions
The skillset it takes to grow a small stand-alone business are very different from the skillset required to grow a larger business through M&A activity. You want to make sure someone inside…READ MORE

How to Avoid Seller’s Remorse in Mergers & Acquisitions
NuWire Investor
Business owners have invested a great deal of time and energy establishing, growing and developing a successful business. There then comes a day when it’s time to sell the business, whether that is for retirement or for a career change…READ MORE

Private equity healthcare sales boost mergers and acquisitions
Private equity is both coming and going, with the sector accounting for 20 per cent of merger and acquisition activity last financial year, with a particular focus on health stocks…READ MORE


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