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It is natural to want to hold tight to our business “baby”. After all, it is our creation and no one loves our baby as much as we do. However, as we all know, holding onto something too tightly can stymie or even smother our treasured possession (see the article below on selling your greatest idea). Letting go is difficult but timing considerations and growth require it. In the end, entrepreneurs are creative in business by design. Thus, as the article suggests the entrepreneur will soon have new ideas, plans, etc. to launch their next business baby.


What this Harvard innovation guru thinks can protect companies from disruption
Washington Post
Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has written for years about why companies and industries fail. But in a new book released Tuesday, the veteran innovation guru writes about how companies can succeed …READ MORE

Help for a Business Idea Trying to Catch Fire
NY Times
When Katlin Smith entered the New Venture Challenge business accelerator, she had developed an idea for making food that was “simple, healthy and delicious” but did not have a sense for what to do next…READ MORE

5 Ways to Turn a Crazy Idea Into an Awesome Reality
Megan Miller wants to know: Why aren’t you eating bugs yet? That’s because Megan is the co-founder and CEO of Bitty Foods, an innovative artisanal snack brand that makes delicious cookies and snack chips from their signature cricket-based protein flour…READ MORE



What Should be on the Next President’s Cyberagenda?
TechNews World
When the new president takes up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., cybersecurity will be on the shortlist for action. What’s a president to do? TechNewsWorld asked more than a dozen experts what should be at the top of the new leader of the free world’s cyberagenda. Following are some of their responses…READ MORE

Your Next Pair of Shoes Could Come From a 3-D Printer
NY Times
The assembly line at Feetz has 100 humming 3-D printers. Their sole purpose is to make shoes. Each printer is named after a cartoon character: Wonder Woman, Scooby-Doo. Though whimsical, the printers, which cost $5,000 each, are out to upend mass retailing by making every shoe to order…READ MORE

Companies Try Out Selfies as Password Alternatives
The Wall Street Journal
Selfies, long derided as a symbol of narcissism and oversharing, have found a more serious purpose. Companies and government agencies—ranging from the ride-hailing service Uber Technologies Inc. and credit-card giant MasterCard Inc. to the Alabama Department of Revenue—are asking people to snap self-portraits on their smartphones as proof of identity…READ MORE

App turns your neighbors into your delivery guys
Roadie is an app where users post items they need shipped, and drivers headed their way can make money delivering them…WATCH THE VIDEO



The Importance Of Team Building Events After Mergers And Acquisitions
Out of 2,100 corporate respondents in Deloitte’s 2014 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) report, about 54% of companies close one to five M&A deals a year. Companies merge for many reasons, but the main goals are to acquire new products or markets and increase profitability or savings through strategic acquisition of technology and talent…READ MORE

Selling Your Greatest Idea? Don’t Worry — You’ll Have More
For 11 years, Arianna Huffington was the public face of the Huffington Post, the news site she created, nurtured and then sold. In August, she announced her decision to step down as its editor-in-chief to focus on a new health and wellness startup…READ MORE

What to Know Before Selling Your Business
Alley Watch
Building up a business is a valuable life experience, and selling it is just as exciting. Obviously there is the financial gain, but you can also point to it and say, “I made that.” But, before you put up the virtual “for sale” sign, stop and ask yourself 3 questions…READ MORE

Know When and How to Sell Your Business
John West is a serial entrepreneur in the truest sense. Prior to his latest startup, he had already built and sold two companies in very different industries. And he says that while developing an idea to start a business takes time, selling that same business is just as complicated…READ MORE

Cross-border transactions are on the rise
Business Insider
Sixty-six percent of consumers who frequently make e-commerce purchases do so from sites outside their home country, according to a recent survey by Pitney Bowes. As that total grows, the opportunity for payments players in the space will grow…READ MORE


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