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A Video Conversation with David Carberry, CEO of Enradius- Part 3- On Mobile Technology

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Giving organizations the tools and data to reach the right customers


david carberryDavid Carberry is the CEO of Enradius. With offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Florida, and Michigan, Enradius is a digital marketing and advertising company that harnesses geo-targeted applications and data to help clients find and reach their ideal customers. Enradius divides its services into two groups—retail and B2B—and specializes in pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and video, all targeted by location. David brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and radio to his role at the company.

EDWIN WARFIELD: How has the rise of mobile technology affected what you do?


DAVID CARBERRY: Mobile is awesome for us. We love working in the mobile space just because people are connected now. I mean, that’s what they’re doing when they wake up in the morning. They’ve got their phone with them. When they’re in bed at night that’s what they are doing is checking it. So, when you take a look at habits that are occurring right now in life, people are doing that on the daily. Our goal is really to find that one-to-one connection, and what Google terms it as a “micro-moment.” When someone is in their micro-moment, what’s the best way to actually reach that person and attract them to bring them over to your website to gain that as a buyer? People right now don’t have the brand loyalty they used to have and it’s more instant gratification, so the idea is “let’s get enough impressions out there to actually have some frequency so people see it and then they hopefully will respond to your ad if the ad is a good offer and it makes sense and it is something attractive to somebody on a mobile site.”


Can you share a recent success story?

One of the clients we work with right now is Goodwill of the Chesapeake. They’ve got a Saturday Spectacular at the end of the month that they do. As we run a campaign, we will do retargeting. We place a pixel on their website and we grab all of their customer data—people that have actually been there. We hold that data for about 90 days—sometimes we hold it even longer if it’s needed—and then we’ll remarket to them and draw people back in as a reminder. We’ll do that around each one of their store locations and in the marketplace and it works really well. They don’t have to spend a lot of money. They get their name out and their awareness. What they’ve seen over the past five months is increased sales against that, so it’s using that customer database that you already have and your target marketing, and going with something that they’re already familiar with.


How do you generate revenue? Is it difficult to carve out a niche in digital advertising?

The return investment really is based off of how many ads they’re served, how many clickthroughs are there—conversions. When you’re running ads and display, much of it is branding, awareness too. Facebook ,for example: the clickthrough rates are not great on Facebook, but what happens is it’s that brand awareness getting out there again. So, when somebody is at home at night and they’re doing a search, hopefully they saw an event or they saw that product that resonated, and they look for it or they go online and do a search for it to get to it later.


A company like ours can actually help a business in really optimizing that campaign they’re doing. It’s the same thing as Google Adwords. When Google Adwords came out, sure you can use that platform, but how well can you use that platform? If you don’t have the time and the knowledge in the back end of it, then you need somebody who’s an expert who can help you with it. That’s what we are able to do with our clients and work with them. The tools are great that are out there because it only helps us more in going in and really targeting the consumers that the advertisers want to reach.



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