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Reading the article below on the leadership of Muhammad Ali, I got to thinking about the traits of leadership and Ali as a leader in sports and perhaps in certain life circles. As the CEO, and leader of your business, what are your leadership traits and more importantly what will your staff say about your leadership legacy. Right, wrong or indifferent, Ali lead from the front without a care of being different or taking a risk. Entrepreneurial business is all about taking risks and the best leaders of such businesses are those that lead from the front, with their heart and without regard to risk (the tail doesn’t wag the dog . . . .).



The Four Greatest Leadership Lessons From The Greatest — Muhammad Ali
Many have written that Muhammad Ali transcended sport. To me he did so much more. He “went beyond” as only a truly authentic leader can. He transcended race, national boundaries, religious distinctions and bigotry…READ MORE


How Successful CEOs Make the Jump From Industry to Industry
The fundamental competencies that determine a successful chief executive officer generally hold true from industry to industry. This is not to say that a CEO at a SaaS startup can transform immediately into the role of a CEO ….READ MORE


How the company you keep drives leadership, growth and success
Smart Business
While thousands of CEOs will say that being part of a CEO peer advisory group has transformed their lives and their companies, too few of them ever join one. Most CEOs don’t experience what’s called “peer advantage.” By giving language to this powerful resource, the hope is that more CEOs and business leaders will discover how much they can benefit from it…READ MORE


Five lessons in effective networking
Management Today
Some people really enjoy networking but for others the prospect of making small talk with a room full of strangers is something to be avoided like, umm – well, like a room full of strangers. Nonetheless, despite the rise in online communications, taking the time to meet and greet people is part and parcel of modern business… READ MORE


The Critical Key to Success for Every Woman in Business  
Huffington Post
The world is made up of two types of women in business: the competitive meanies who won’t let you sit with them, and the smart, savvy, successful ones who fully embrace the benefit of a girl gang…READ MORE


Making An Authentic Shift In Your Leadership Approach
In a glass office building downtown, there’s another business meeting at the newest startup. Although the company is less than a year old — barely old enough to launch their first three apps — the employees know the drill by now… READ MORE
Why Writing Is the Most Important Skill an Entrepreneur Should Master
One of the benefits of starting a company is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people. If you’re smart, you make the most of this benefit by asking them for advice. I’ve found that most people jump at the chance to share their…  READ MORE


It’s Not Getting Any Easier For Women To Become CEOs
Huffington Post
The U.S. might elect its first female president this year, but that hardly means the glass ceiling has gone away. Women are still essentially locked out of the most powerful jobs in the country, according to a study released…  READ MORE


5 Things Every CEO Must Know to Start a Business
Starting a business is very risky. Even though failure rates have steadily come down since the Great Recession, a new business is more likely to go under than thrive. If you’re in financial services…  READ MORE



The Way We Interact With Technology Is About to Change Fundamentally
You may never touch a computer again – For as long as computers have been part of our lives, we have interacted with them through touch. We’re used to pecking keys, swiping trackpads, and tapping touchscreens to tell…READ MORE


Why Tech Companies Should Work with Government Rather than Against It
Technology Review
The former chief digital officer of New York, Rachel Haot, explains why government and entrepreneurs need to work together….READ MORE


How to Protect Your Small Business as Cybersecurity Threats Rise
Small Business Trends
As more businesses move online, criminals are following them. If you’re still using yesterday’s cyber security strategies, you’re vulnerable to malicious attacks that could permanently damage your business. It’s time to wake up and invest in learning about cyber security strategies….READ MORE


How technology is shaping business traveler behavior
The collision of business and personal travel is nothing new; travelers have been using the loyalty rewards points they earn on business trips to pay for personal vacations for decades. But there’s something different about the way today’s travelers bring work-life balance to their travel…READ MORE



Cybersecurity should be a key part of M&A due diligence
Institutional Invester
There was certainly a bumper crop of mergers and acquisitions last year. It’s a sure bet that before any of the 2015 M&A deals went through, however, the buyers looked very carefully at their target companies. They had gone through a comprehensive appraisal…READ MORE


How to time an exit from your business
Fresh Business Thinking
Growing a company to sell for profit is one of the most guaranteed ways to achieving wealth. It can also be both an exciting and scary time for a business founder who, since day one, has worked tirelessly to ensure their company was a success. However, the time will eventually come when a business owner will decide it’s time…READ MORE


5 Steps to Selling Your Small Business at Good Terms
Business 2 Community
If we look at the post-recession business-for-sale market, it has generally favored the buying side for various reasons. However, the recent trends and statistics indicate that the market is re-shifting its balance in favor of sellers, which means it’s turning into a more balanced market…READ MORE


Buying a small business? SBA financing can help
Small Business
Today, there’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to acquire a ready-made business: Small business owners who launched their own companies 20 years ago or more are now retiring and selling to the next generation….READ MORE


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